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Wellness for Workplace Stress

  • 22 November 2021

Corporate workplaces are crumbling with workers feeling exhausted, and stressed – mentally, emotionally and physically, and un-happy with the ever-increasing workload, economic insecurity, and consequent sleep deprivation and physical inactivity. COVID-19 has further demonstrated the need for not only robust healthcare systems, but also healthy individuals wherein individuals with chronic health conditions (such as diabetes, heart disease, and compromised immune systems) have shown to be at high risk for severe illness and death. The unprecedented crisis has further emphasized on the need for healthy minds in healthy bodies, healthy habits, strong families, caring friends and colleagues, and supportive communities including workplaces.

With direct impact on employee engagement, productivity, and motivation, besides lowered healthcare costs and employee absenteeism, and in consideration of the tremendous time spent on work (at home or workplaces), the need for a holistic Corporate Health and Wellness program cannot be overemphasized.

Some of the initiatives that may be considered include:

Dedicated focus on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing by millennials and Gen Zs had reinforced the need for organizations to adopt and integrate a culture of wellness by default in operations. Every organization, big or small, should carefully select the right mix of wellness initiatives for their employees as per the personal wellness interests and needs of the employees, time and resources and the overall business priorities to provide a supportive and health-promoting work environment.

(Disclaimer: The views are generic and should not be construed as professional advice. Do seek expert and/or medical advice before planning any lifestyle modifications including for diet and workouts).

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