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CORK YOGA Mats for Natural, Eco- Conscious and Healthy YOGIC Lifestyle!

  • 3 December 2021

Have you ever read about Cork Yoga Mats and wondered if this is something you should invest in? Why choose them over the regular (and cheaper!) PVC yoga mats available abundantly in the market? What about quality and performance? Durability? And so many more unanswered questions!

Look no further as we, at UrbanMuni, bring to you a quick summary of what these mats are all about and why you could consider replacing your regular PVC or Latex rubber mats with the Cork ones.

1. Safe for Planet?

Oh Yes! The cork yoga mats are made up of, well, Cork! But did you know that cork comes from bark of cork oak tree which is capable of rejuvenating its bark. The process is renewable, sustainable and environment friendly as there is no felling and cutting of trees.

2. Prevent Climate Change

Want to know more? The cork bark regeneration process involves absorption of greenhouse gas C02 from air, which further helps prevent climate change! Cork is 100% biodegradable and recyclable!

3. In line with Mindful, Natural Yogic Lifestyle

The cork mats are 100% natural and eco-friendly, and what’s better than doing your favorite asanas on a surface that brings you close to nature!

4. Safe for Health

Did you know that your regular PVC or latex yoga mats, besides being harmful to the environment, also contain harmful chemicals and toxins which are all linked to various cancers, life-threatening conditions and infant birth defects?

On the contrary, Cork Yoga mats are non-toxic, 100% natural with NO chemicals! So, say Goodbye to breathing-in of Harsh chemicals and skin allergies. The mat is smooth and skin friendly.

5. Hi, high performance!

As compared to the regular yoga mats that become slippery as you sweat; presence of suberin makes the cork mat grippier as it gets sweatier. You finally have a friend that not only has your back, but also your sweaty palms, legs, knees!

6. Hygienic and Odor Free

Cork yoga mats are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. They also prevent odor.  This is because cork repels dust, hair, mites, germs, bacteria and fungus and is a poor absorber of water, aka, sweat!

7. Natural cushioning

But are you worried about cushioning? Well, the Cork Yoga mats also come in varying thickness. Though some experienced Yoga experts prefer hard surface, beginners may need some cushioning, especially for the knees and prefer mats with say 4mm and above thickness. This is provided by offering the cork mat with an EVA or natural rubber or thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) layer, all of which are natural and toxic free.

8. Easy to maintain

The cork mats don’t absorb sweat and are easy to clean and maintain. If you have to, then just give them a quick wipe with little water and you are done! The YOGA mats are lightweight and compact and can be easily carried along during travel.

9. Attractive and beautiful designs

Are you fretting about the lack of colors or designs? Well, surprise!!! Many of the cork mats come in beautiful yet simplistic prints and designs- with or without color! So, go ahead, add fun and color to your workout regime!  

10. Durable

Though you would need to be careful while folding your mat, which if not done properly could lead to creases, the cork mats are other wise long lasting.

So, if you are looking for a safe, sustainable and sturdy companion for your energizing YOGA and workout sessions, do check out Cork YOGA for a healthy and natural yogic lifestyle!

Still have questions? Feel free to write to us at [email protected] and our team of experts would be happy to help!